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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 5, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have great videos for you "right this minute." a hand glider is hoisted into the air, but then disaster. >> he is stuck on this high-speed towline. >> see the heart stopping maneuvers to free himself, and the miracle that finally saved his life. >> i have a 21-year-old daughter who likes me around. a trooper pulls over a driver and then orders -- >> his body cavity searched on the side of the highway. >> he is going to go up my
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private parts. >> the video leading to a texas-sized lawsuit. it is not your typical bridesmaid attire. >> texas a&m, yes. >> why this bridesmaid is a aggie all of the way. >> and what happened with this leaf blower prank and what happens when his girlfriend turns it on. guys, this next video is a nail-biting slow-motion disaster and step-by-step near death experience. you can see lin lions being towed by a towline when his handglider takes off. things go wrong about a minute into the video. apparently something wrong with the connection of the towline on the handglider and once he tries to e release the towline, he
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can't. so basically now he is stuck on the high-speed towline. he kicks his legs out to try to signal to the people on the ground that he has a problem. this is about to get bad, because as the towline continues to tow him, it is towing the handglider towards the ground. watch. now, after that, he tries to reach for the parachute with one hand, but he is unable to release the parachute with one hand and now frantic as he heads towards the ground he reaches for the parachute with two hands. gets the parachute out and throws it behind him and the parachute deploys, but he is still connected to the towline and he starts to plummet to the ground. just before he hits the ground, the towline is released and he lands softly on the ground and believe it or not lin lions survived this incident. he is here joining us "right this minute" to tell us how this all went so wrong. lin, are you -- first of all,
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are you just glad to be alive? >> well, that is handy, yeah. i have a 21-year-old daughter who likes me being around. >> i imagine. so help me to understand better what went wrong? >> on the particular link that i used there are three loops and i got the second and the third one reversed. when you do that, the one that is longer gets caught in the shorter one, and it won't release the main loop. i'm told at some places they have a knife handy to cut. >> was your life flashing before your eyes at that moment? >> no, there were things that i had to do next. what do i try. i was calm about it. when i am going down i'm going about 35 miles per hour. >> what did you think when you finally hit the ground? >> i'm here. i'm all in one piece. oh, my god, i'm alive. i love handgliding and you have no idea to be able to fly like a bird and see what is under you is like nothing else.
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>> after an incident like this, will you continue to handglide? >> yeah, duh. i got so lucky, you can't believe it. i swore i would go buy a lottery ticket, because i swore i would never have a better day. >> you are looking at the dash cam footage from a patrol car. this is what looks like a routine traffic stop outside of houston, and officers claim that this car is speeding. inside of this car are brandy hamilton and al legs sandry ya hamilton on the way home from a day of the beach. you see when she gets out of the car, brandy hamilton is still in her bikini, but listen to what the officer calls in. >> he has something in the pants or the daisy dukes pants or whatever it is. >> he is calling for a female backup, because he suspects marijuana. he checked the car and found a small amount of marijuana, and now, because one of the
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passenger's pants is slightly unzipped, although she is coming back from the beach, he thought maybe they were hiding something else, and they call in the female officer and she p performing a cavity search on the side of the highway. >> you have something in there? >> you are going to go up my private parts? >> yes, i am. >> oh, my god. >> it is so dehumanizing. >> according to the reports the female trooper performed a full cavity search on both of of the women, and they claim she did not change her gloves. >> that is gross. >> this happened over memorial day weekend last year, and it is ave filed of a federal suits against these two officers, and we found out that the female officer lost her job over the incident and the male officer who initially called
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this in has been suspended. according to them, there is still an investigation ongoing, and the director of the public safety says that the department does not and will not tolerate any conduct that does not constitute the dps or the texas state training policies. and this is an incident caught on surveillance at a hospital in the uk. it happens when a black e pria pulls up to the emergency room at the queens hospital. the man gets out of the car and looks around a little bit and walks in. in a moment, he comes back out, and then he comes out with two men who are calling hem f ing h. then one of them grabs a wheelchair and they disappear for a few moments and back into the frame are the two men putting someone in that chair, and that is it. we don't see the driver of the
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black prias anymore, because whoever put this man in the hospital, they then drove away and the police are figuring out what happened, because the man in the wheelchair had severe stab wounds to his stomach. the man taken to the hospital is in an induced coma, but police don't necessarily think that the driver of the black prias is responsible for this. they believe that the black prias may have been a cab because of the transport stick attorney car, but they still want to talk to him to figure out what happened, how did this man get to where he ended up. apparently running as fast as you can on a tread mil and making a video of it is now a thing. okay. we have chad johnson here f formerly known as chad ochocinco of the nfl, and chad is trying the the do his best robert gill. we had robert gill in studio with us. >> you are a 29-year-old rookie,
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and what is this like for you now? >> my opportunity is good. i just have to stay disciplined with the system. >> remember, he got on the treadmill that is going 29 miles per hour, and check out chad, and the speed for this video. chad just went 24 miles per hour, but with a 2.5% incline. i counted the seconds from when he lets go, and it is a shade under six seconds that he can keep up the crazy fast speed on the treadmill. i like robert's better. no offense, robert, but he is a shorter guy, and he went a little bit faster. >> and he was the first. >> and i was going to say. >> and so this could be a good thing for chad, because he is not on a team right now, and so this could be a video for him to say, hey, i still got it. gill and johnson were tweeting back and forth and a fan asked gill what he thought about the video, and he had a proper
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response. imitation is the best form of flatter ri. a tour group catches a leopard ready to pounce. >> he's crouching down and eyes fixed on something. >> see why the leopard ain't getting lunch that time. >> paws are like, doh! >> and the dude is trying to ♪
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visitors to mfuwe lodge in zambia got a special treat when they encountered these two leopards playing around very close to where they were. one of the guests at the lodge that recorded this video is sarah elton, and you can see leopards are doing the things that they love to do, getting up in the trees the and hanging
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around. you see him bragging about it. >> they get up there. >> and they eventually find their way down, and these people catch something else, because now looking in their direction is a leopard that looks like it is about to have himself some dinner. he's crouching down. eyes fixed on something. >> i'd be afraid to be the tour group. >> yeah. kind of looking in your direction, but nope, he is not interested in any of the humans riding along. >> oh, boy. >> he wants himself some impala. it is minding its own business and then here notic and turns in the direction leopard and says, hmm, maybe i shouldn't be hanging out here. then the leopard starts to pick up speed, but i think that the leopard suffered a little stage fright and then startled by the people in the truck and the video ends. >> oh, man. i was ready for the attack. i wanted to see it. the uploader of this next one lists in description, "don't
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be this guy." you will see why two dudes trying to get the boat out of the water having a little trouble here. >> he is trying to get it out of the water right now? >> yeah, out. so this is the end of the boating excursion, but as the guy gets himself on shore, and now you are saying, now he is going to pull the boat over. >> what? >> yeah. i don't know what he was trying the do there, but he fal backward and then crushes right back into the boat. >> the guy is having -- >> yeah, he kind of lingers for a little bit before, bloop n the water. >> this is so cartoonish and he falls into the boat and then lingers. >> yes. >> and then, bloop. >> poor fellow. he was probably sore for a couple of days after this. take a look at this video and tell me what you think that you are watching. you see some folks in texas a&m jerseys holding hands and kind
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of walking with each other. >> i'd say it is like a homecome org ing or senior night. >> all excellent guesses. they are actually watching a wedding. we are watching the wedding of harv and heather willis. they are huge texas a&m fans. they are both texas a&m graduates, and in fact, harv even proposed to heather on the texas a&m campus underneath the century tree. they even had 12 groomsmen all wearing texas a&m jerseys and even the guests are wearing aggie colors. they even have a mini drum major leading the bridesmaids into kyle field and important song if you are an aggie fan. >> these girls have on cowboy boots. >> and look at the bridesmaids dresses, a&m skirts. >> and you have a referee to officiate. who actually threw a flag down at the beginning of the
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ceremony, because somebody was not wearing aggie colors and somebody had on an orange shirt, but the bridesmaid had on aggie colors and the reception was football-themed, if you will. their wedding cake was a replica of kyle field. >> how far do you take it? how about the bucket of ice on dad like he is the coach of the shower. this could go on and on. the video tells the story, a new toy for a new kind of girl. >> i love this. this is so exciting. tell me more. >> meet the creator of next "right this minute." and still to come, the new era of wakeboarding is here. >> up and over this giant wakeboard roller jump.
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>> see the tricks taking it to the next level. plus, see why justin timberlake's new music video is giving everybody tunnel vision. >> so as justin is singing and dancing fully clothed, what is this? dancing fully clothed, what is this? ♪> is this the we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source.
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friends and family having a good time. >> if you want to impress everybody with the coolest videos from the internet go the right this and click on the top ten videos of the week. >> that is right, have a holiday weekend on us, and it is rtm weekend. jessie and gina from the youtube prank video shows us that he previous made this video with a leaf e faces with the l blower. you try it. >> i will another day. >> gina swore that she would do it another day, and jesse held her to that, except he takes the leaf blower and fills it with flo flour. >> that is fantastic. >> that is awesome. >> yep, yep. and then he says, oh, you know what, you should definitely put a go pro on the leaf blower and that is awesome because your face will be awesome on that. she says, sure. he sets up the go pro and here comes the big payoff. are you ready? >> oh, my gosh, no.
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>> she's covered! oh, no, it is falling out of her mouth. >> yeah, and in her nose, in her mouth, and all over her face. >> that is not funny. >> you have it all over the place. >> that is -- >> [ bleep ]. >> and you know how gross that stuff in the leaf blower is in her mouth, and as a side note kind of sick, but she gets to the water here, and of course, jesse is cracking up. then we see this stuff is all over the place, and in her ears. >> oh, my goodness, dude. >> jesse wins this one, for sure, but as we know the pranking couples, they get each other back. there is a whole new era in wakeboarding thanks to red bull this is in hamburg, germany, and whole contest where the guy is pulled by the high speed cable going up and over this giant wakeboard roller jump.
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>> the idea is to create a place where you don't land in the flat, but get more air time than normal. >> and doing incredible tricks. look at that. ariel after ariel, and they hit the big kicker jump, and then go up and over the landing ramp. they can land wherever they want on, that and the idea is to pull off the sickest and raddest tri trick. >> oh! >> they go from zero the 60 in a split second. >> you kick it and fly over the landing and just stick it. >> the fun part is that you have 15,000 fans able to gather around because they are not being dragged around by a boat that is all contained in the cable system right in front of the audience. and the guy who won this competition from canada won it with a full spin. he is spinning a lot. champagne celebration at the end, and like any other sport the extreme sport continues to
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evolve. splish splash, they are having a bash. this is the best part of the video. this is the best part of the video. look at them kids... they have no idea what it was like
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you don't get a name like paul "dizzy hips" blair for nothing. that is a 98-pound tractor tire. >> he is not hula hooping this
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thing. >> he spins, spins, spins, let's go, and then check dizzy hips out. >> no way. >> yes. whoa! >> i don't know how you do it, but dizzy hips figured it out. on youtube they say it is a new guinness world record, because there not a world record for heaviest hula hoop. there is a record for the most simultaneously set in 1992, but this is a different world record. >> how do you figure this out, and you are in a junk yard one day and you say, i am going to hula hoop this. >> well, maybe you start out with a bicycle tire and then a monster tire. apparently robert thicke has blurred lines and this is justin timberlake's newest single "tunnel vision" and it is racy,
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so as justin is singing and dancing, they have cuts to women who are completely naked dancing around. they are wearing nude colored thongs, but that is about it. >> is this the new thing that you have to haveand go viral. the "blurred lines" individuvid tongue and cheek and in your face, but this is graphic sexuality for sex sake. >> well, i don't know how graphic. it is a model that is topless. they don't play the videos anymore, and this is how you get the song out there. >> but if you paid attention to the lyrics, maybe that is going to justify it a little bit, because he is singing about how when he sees his woman, the woman he is in love with, he sees nothing else. ♪ i got that >> so he is saying that because he does not see the naked women because he has tunnel vision? >> yes, for jessica biel.
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that's it. >> and he needed this to get the point across? >> i ain't buying it. i ain't buying it. >> i think that robin thicke did it better. >> we want to know what you think, do you like "blurred lines" better than "tunnel vision?" and in is cozy, the dog, looking for a summertime job as a lifeguard. >> dad, go into the water again. >> why? >> because she goes crazy when you go in. >> this is cozy's dad, and cozy is really, really concerned that they are going underwater swimming in the pool. and she is running up and down the pool as the daddy is swimming in the pool. >> according to cozy's owner, she does this with everyone. >> ooeither they should get the dog a job as a lifeguard or a swim coach, because she is barking an encouraging him to go free style. >> like, go, go, go! >> lifeguard or swim coach.
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either way, fun. >> and now for another poolside summertime dog video, is sent by our awesome viewer heather. she is playing with her terrier rocky. and rocky is taking a giant mouth of water. in is the best part of the video n. is the best part of the video. >> what do you think that this is going to be good on, kendra? >> "right this minute." >> i agree, it is perfect for "right this minute." >> shout out to kendra, a loyal view viewer. >> kendra and healther and the dog rocky, new superstars here on "right this minute." that is our show, everybody.
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i . hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you are looking for great videos, we have them "right this minute." >> holy [ bleep ]. >> whitewater rafters are trying to save their own. >> they are paddling to him. >> the frantic efforts to reach him before he is uked under. when will the road ragers ever learn. >> don't bring a stick to a gun fight. >> see where packing heat is the ultimate tie-breaker. >> robin thicke's hit song leads to an inspired


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